About Me


Daniel Karnafel

To me there is no greater reward than creating awe-inspiring content that has the ability to brighten your day, and enrich your life. I truly believe that my life's purpose is to change the world for the better one video at a time, one person at a time.

Growing up in southern California I found myself playing outside for the majority of most of my days. My friends and I would get a hold of our parents' camcorders and let our imaginations run by creating battle scenes between our GI Joes using small fireworks as our pyrotechnics. It wan't until high school, however, that the craft of filmmaking really started to mean something to me. 

I joined the broadcast journalism team at McKinney Boyd High School where my news packages were seen by everybody at school during lunch. One day my team and I had made a comedy piece about the do's and don'ts of trick-or-treating during the Halloween season and I had absolutely no idea how it would be received! Comedy has a tendency to either be really funny, or just plain painful to watch. When I saw an entire cafeteria full of over a thousand students burst into laughter with their eyes glued to the screen, I knew I had to keep going.

I enrolled at Stephen F. Austin State University (Go Jacks!) for Radio/TV/Film and honed my skills as a content creator, graduated, and set out into the real world. I quickly found that wedding filmmaking was not only  a viable career path, but a way to give people the most important movie they will ever watch. 

My ultimate goal with Daniel K. Films is to capture all of the little moments that come together to create the beautiful story that you and your partner have been telling since the day you first met. It's not my job to create your story, it's my job to find all of the hidden gems that make your story unique, and present it in a way that is entertaining and captivating.  I want to help you relive all the moments that make your wedding day magical so you can watch it again and again, forever and ever.