"Our Forever Begins" Dillon and Madi's Wedding Film

Words can't quite describe this day. Dillon and Madi's love for each other is something completely unique, but by the end of the day I could see that these two came from a loving family that shaped them into who they are today. All friends and family couldn't be happier that they tied the knot, and I couldn't be happier to bring fourth such a beautiful love story. Congratulations you two!




Lucas and Alyssa were brimming with joy and anticipation when I met them on their wedding day. Excitement further filled the room once they stood in front of their dearest friends and family and gave their lives to each other. These two have a rich past, and an even brighter future. Congratulations Lucas and Alyssa!


"Complete Together" Mike and April's Wedding Film

Happiness and joy ran wild as Mike and April pledged their lives to each other on their wedding day. This is a relationship that was meant to be. Anyone in attendance could see that their bond is unbreakable. Congratulations Mike and April!


"You and Only You" Matthew and Marisa's Wedding Film

Come rain, come shine, come whatever may, Matthew and Marisa share a bond unbreakable by the forces of this world. Dad never thought he would give his daughter to anyone born outside of the great state of Texas, but he looked past Matthews Kentucky-upbringing and saw a heart of gold worthy of Marisa's love. It was an honor to share in this beautiful couple's experience on the day they promised to spend the rest of their lives together. Congratulations Matthew and Marisa!


"Divine Providence" Jered and Emily's Wedding Film

Everything about Jered and Emily's wedding day was the perfect mixture of elegance, beauty, and unapologetic uniqueness. Nothing was more apparent than their heartfelt gratitude for each other which I have no doubt will prove to be the main ingredient to the eternal longevity of their relationship. I'm so happy to bring you the story or Jered and Emily!


"New Endeavor" Kyle and Jessica's Wedding Film

Nothing could rain on Kyle and Jessica's hearts. These two tied the knot at the Dallas Arboretum among the sensational flowers and greenery that perfectly models their deep, and ever growing feelings for each other. Family and friends had nothing but wonderful things to say as they got to witness this important leg of their journey through life together. Congratulations Kyle and Jessica!


"Our Greatest Adventure" Taylor and Brittany's Wedding Film

Taylor and Brittany were cut out of the pages of a fairytale to bring life to an amazing love story. I am so happy to be able to bring to life the story that they are living out now. Taylor and Brittany approached the altar with excitement and anticipation and walked away from it whole, happy, and united forever. Congratulations you two!


"By God's Design" Hayden and Chelsie's Wedding Film

Surrounded by a community of loving family and friends, Hayden and Chelsie said "I do" at the beautiful Hidden Waters on September 24th, 2017. The wedding celebration was full of joy and wonder fueled by the endless love emanating from these two as they tied the knot. Congratulations Hayden and Chelsie!


"This is My Promise" Caleb and Callie's Wedding Film

The flowers were in bloom at the Dallas Arboretum for Caleb and Callie. It was such an honor to tell the story that the two of them have been creating since the day they met. The promises they made under a serene night sky kicked off an evening of celebration and merriment. Congratulations to the newlyweds!


“My Only” Nick and Paige Miller’s Wedding Film

Telling Nick and Paige's story was an amazing and heartwarming experience. From the immaculate downtown Dallas church to their sunset splashed moments overlooking White Rock Lake, this day was truly one for the books. They were such an amazing couple to work with and I couldn't be happier with my experience with them. Congratulations you two!


“You Cannot Erase My Love” Aaron and Elizabeth’s Wedding Film

I can't accurately put into words how much of a joy it was working with Aaron, Elizabeth, and their now united families. The story here is that two people with a rock solid foundation on God's grace decided to spend forever together. This couple and their entire community of friends and family have hearts of pure gold. Everyone came together to make this a perfect day. Congratulations Aaron and Elizabeth!


"The Moment I Met You" Matt and Cierra's Wedding Film

They knew they were going to get married after the second date. Cierra's father asked everyone who knew Matt what kind of man he is and if he deserved his daughter's hand in marriage. Not only did he approve, he stood at the altar with them as the became Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong forever. This is a love story in it's purest form.


"Beautiful Hearts" Eric and Alexis' Wedding Film

Eric and Alexis' unstoppable love for each other permeated every minute of this amazing day. They spoke everlasting promises over one another and their friends sent them off into forever with equally impactful words of encouragement. Here's to a happy and joy-filled lifetime for Eric and Alexis!


"In Bloom" Steven and Christina's Wedding Film

Steven and Christina fell in love at Stephen F. Austin State University and tied the knot on March 12th, 2017. This beautiful couple was married in the country under warm skies and among good company. Their unending joy, and strong family ties made them an amazing subject of this beautiful love story.


"My Up Dream" Best Proposal Ever

This one has close to one million views! Eric and Katherine are life long friends of mine and I am so happy to have captured Eric's ultimate confession of love to Katherine. It warms my heart to think that so many people between Facebook and Youtube have shared that experience with us.


"The Rising Sun" Andrea and Aaron's Sneak Peak

Such a pretty Christian wedding between two people who love God very much. Andrea and Aaron were very kind and accommodating to all of their vendors and guests. The best part of the day was seeing Aaron get emotional when he saw his bride for the first time. Congratulations you two! 


"Fairytale" Jason and Kim's Sneak Peak

Jason and Kimberly shared their love story at one of my favorite venues in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex; Cross Creek Ranch. Thank you two for showing us all what true love looks like.


"My One and Only" Corey and Grant's Sneak Peak

Corey and Grant are high school sweethearts and I couldn't be more honored to share this experience with them. Corey is the perfect amount of quirky and fun while Grant's calm demeanor evens them out and makes them the perfect couple. 

Tyler and Callie’s Wedding

Tyler and Callie’s Wedding