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A Close Up

Daniel K. Films is Worth A Shot


Couples spend so much time planning and preparing, down to the finest details of tablescapes and candlelights. Why not capture what you’ve created, giving yourself the endless opportunity to appreciate and enjoy it all, at any time? With 10+ years in the industry, Daniel K. Films knows how to make intangible moments unforgettable, using the lens to give memories texture, color, and narrative. 

It all started with GI Joes and fireworks. As a kid, my elementary school friends and I often snagged our parents’ camcorders, letting our imaginations rumble by crafting battle scenes using all sorts of things… things like GI Joes and fireworks. 


That little kid exploration developed into a more serious interest in high school when I joined the broadcast journalism team and grew in my video skills. One day, a short comedy I created about the do’s and dont’s of trick-or-treating landed the applause – and laughter – of the entire school cafeteria. That’s when I knew: I’ve got to pursue this. 


The past decade has taught me that filming weddings is not only a viable career path but also a fulfilling one. It’s an opportunity to offer brides and grooms the most important movie they will ever watch: their story. The one they’ve been telling since the first day they met. 


“The videos he creates from the moments he captures are one of a kind. When watching them, I truly feel like I'm watching a movie!” 

—  Amanda Richards, Bride

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