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What to expect from your Daniel K. Films wedding experience

I promise to deliver a wedding film experience that transports you back to the best day of your life. I create films that not only show you what happened, they make you feel how you did on your wedding day.

Here are the different films I offer

"Daniel is a complete rock star to work with! So easy-going and makes a wedding day so much fun!"

The Highlight Film

I offer a Highlight Film to all couples who hire me. It’s the primary video format my couples watch again and again. The typical runtime is 5-8 minutes and includes the best visual and audio moments from throughout the day, creating an emotional, fun, and compelling film that expresses your personalities.

The Teaser

You can add on a social media friendly Teaser. It’s a condensed look at your wedding day to get you excited about the videos to come. You’ll receive your Teaser, a 1-2 minute video set to music filled with exciting clips, within 2 weeks after your wedding.

Full-Length Films

I recognize there are so many little moments that happen throughout the wedding day that just won’t make the cut for your Highlight Film. The Full-Length Film is a lightly edited, very raw and uncut look at your wedding day. Around an hour, this film shows you everything! Imagine watching this on your anniversaries and showing it to your children and grandchildren - the way we grew up watching family videos on VHS.

Other videos

If you choose not to invest in the full length film, I offer major moments as individual videos including the ceremony, reception speeches, and formal reception dances.

Your Investment

For local Dallas/Fort Worth weddings, pricing starts at $6,900. Travel pricing based on location and scope of production.

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